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West Virginia speak for heavy rain
Bob (Walking in soaking wet)

Ken: What's it doing, raining?

Bob: Raining? Hell no it's really porn
by Psycho Brutus February 20, 2012

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1.Used to emphasize a word or phrase.
2.Can be also project different emotions.
3.Can be inserted between words or syllables.
4.Possibilities are endless.
O Fuckin' K, U Fuckin' S of A, all Fuckin' right, Semper Fuckin' Fi, Booty Fuckin' licious, Dyno fuckin' mite ect.
by Psycho Brutus December 22, 2011

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A phrase used to emphasize the fact that you understand.

Primarily used when someone repeatedly asks or tells you the same thing over and over and over ect.

Expletive used when dealing with an annoying person
Wife: You need to cut the grass.

Husband: I will.

Wife: The grass isn't getting any shorter.

Husband: I'll get it.

Wife: It's not gonna cut it's self.

Husband; O FUCKING K, I heard you the first time!
by Psycho Brutus December 11, 2011

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Falling over while having sex standing up. Falling off of the bed while fucking. Falling over the railing while fucking on a balcony. Fucking while in a dryer
"Took the old lady down to the laudramat for a TUMBLE FUCK." "Me and the old lady was really going at it til we took a TUMBLE FUCK off the bed." Crime scene: "Hope they was enjoying themselves before they took a TUMBLE FUCK two stories to the ground." "If I would of taken my socks off last night me and the wife wouldn't of went for a TUMBLE FUCK in the middle of the floor"
by Psycho Brutus December 02, 2011

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Describes what a person gets when they can't get a word or phrase published in the Urban Dictionary.
Dave: Why isn't Brian talking to you?
Bob: I think he has U D envy.
Dave: What the hell is that?
Bob: Urban Dictionary envy. He's mad because I've been published several times and he has'nt!
by Psycho Brutus January 21, 2012

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