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When in order to preserve in thrift and merriment, all the alcohol must be consumed.
Chaotic Neutral
Tradition from Scotland; When the town is burning down, or semi apocolyptic anarchy is impending rather than work unfruitfully to save a building or escape to safety, bar patrons drink up as much alcohol as they can in other words; "don't let those boos go to waste".
The bar is burning down! -macintyre!
by Prof. Cheeseburger August 18, 2010

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1. Low-budget facilitated pick up games of dodgeball, often involving one or more of the following:
-Use of discreet locations (usually at night)
-Mobilized social groups of independent individuals
-A variety of refurbished balls, and makeshift equipment

2. Preventative maintenance, checks, and services of real-world social justice Warriors.

3. A Field Test for the Keyboard Warrior
Our adventure begins tonight.

If you play a game we can hang out longer...

We don't actually talk about Underground Dodgeball anymore...
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by Prof. Cheeseburger July 07, 2019

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Abbreviation for Just Made This/That Up

- used to detract from the value or context of a referenced work.
"He with the most powerful weapon, often uses it the least"- JMTU
by Prof. Cheeseburger July 07, 2019

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An individual who prefers penetrating tight orifices and/or being penetrated by small fallaces.

*Comparable to the Size Queen who prefers large fallaces and relaxed orifices.

- Beneath their coat of arms there is a scroll that bears the words: "Size is Relative" (joking)
"Attention swingers, The Size King and Queen are now entertaining couples for the evening"

"Chad feels uncomfortable fucking me when I use a dildo that is bigger than his dick; so not being the Size King is a soft limit of his."
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by Prof. Cheeseburger July 09, 2019

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