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The study of being a Jew.

In order to become a Jew, you must first study the history of the Jew. Jewology is summarised as "The art of being a stooge."

Jewology focus' mainly on;
• People who want to be stooge.
• Life long learning at being a stooge.
• Endeavouring to become Pro at being a stooge.

If you are Pro, and have studied much, you may be dubbed a Jewologist. Years of long hard training at stooging friends and family earns you the right for this prestige’s award.
Ben studies Jewology
Ben lectures Jewology
Ben is founder of Jewology

From the Jewological Society of Stooges, Ben is Grand Master Stooge / Pro Jewologist
by Pro Stooge October 04, 2006
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A Jewologist is also known as "Pro Stooge". Must have studied at the Jewological Society of Stooges (JSS) and attained status as a Jew before further education in "The art of being a stooge".
Ben is a Jewologist

Ben is Grand Master Stooge.
by Pro Stooge October 04, 2006
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