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One who has a fiery temper and no tolerance for BS
Who also keeps their emotions inside until needed then its a nuclear explosion.
A good friend but will insult you if he feels like it.
person one: "Here comes Andy."
person two: "Huh?"
Andy (to person two): "Derp"
by POW April 19, 2012
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A sea creature having the head and upper body of a man and the tail of a fish.
"The merman swam through the ocean water with his mermaid friends"
by pow January 21, 2005
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The Death Knight, the Scourge's bread and butter. A hero from Warcraft III.
The Death Knight, with his Unholy Aura, is very difficult to kill.
by Pow October 04, 2004
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What happens when the Death Knight seals the pact.

From warcraft iii.
by Pow October 04, 2004
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a. slang for pot, herb, weed
a. lets smoke some mawbi tonight
by pow October 16, 2004
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