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The best film character you’ll ever need!! A hot drug addict from breaking bad. He’s a BAD BOY who has his guard up a lot but once you get to really know him, you’ll see he’s just a soft sweet teddy bear of a hunkin’ man. He likes to say hipster slang like yo, and bitch a lot. He also throws great parties when he’s not in rehab or cooking meth!! And has quite a humor too that shines throughout the show at some times. And he always gets manipulated and verbally abused a lot by Meth lord Walter white(Heisenberg), so that makes you fall in love with him even more because you can’t help but feel sorry for him. If I ever got to meet a real life Jesse Pinkman, I’d use him as my project to help him figure out his life, but that’s after we do some good blue glass together. And I’m not sure exactly why, but his goodwill baggy hip clothes just work on him, soo handsome and dreamy. Can’t get past his blue eyes or his amazing voice. One of a kind. He’s the kind of boy that would ruin your life because you’re so mad in love with him- actually no, because all the girlfriends he had, he took care for and tried not to involve them in his little drug business. Except for that period of time when he did heroin with that one chick and she choked on her vomit, but she was a bitch anyways!! Good riddance. If you’ve seen the show Breaking bad, you’ll understand how irrational loving such a messed up guy can be, he’s simply addicting. Take one snort of him and you’ll be wanting more!
“OMG Jesse Pinkman is so hot and dreamy. Don’t you think?”
by Poopoohahafunnybutt April 13, 2020
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An Uncle is usually your moms brother(s) or your dads brother(s), unless it’s a very close family friend that you like to call your Uncle even though that’d be very inadequate. Uncles are the scummiest people out there. They all suck and have a stick up their butt, whether that be because of their work profession, their muscles, or for just no reason in particular because they suck regardless. They are as boring as a rock too, it’s way too hard to create a bond with them so you’ll just give up on trying. Most uncles will have been mean to you when you were just a youngin’ as well, and that really won’t change a whole lot as you get older. And if you don’t believe me that Uncles are the worst kind of people out there- why is it that there’s a lot of cases of uncles raping their nephews/ nieces. Ha! Scummy.
“Ugh, my uncle was being such an asshole to me!!”

“Oh man, sorry to hear.”

“Yeah brother, I’m convinced all uncles suck!”

“Yeah you’re probably right bro because mine do too.”

by Poopoohahafunnybutt April 13, 2020
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