2 definitions by Poo'p Nigga

When you tell a bitch ass nigga to avoid injury. It is used only in dire situations and is not to be used lightly -- only when you are looking out for a real nigga.
Tyrone: Cover me, I'm going in the storm!
Brock Oboma: Dab, Nigger, Dab!
Tyrone: Oh damn, I almost got it with that golden scar! Thanks nigga.
by Poo'p Nigga March 21, 2018
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Goat sex is when you visit the farm and get it on with a goat (male or female, although the females are less aggressive). Once you ejaculate into the animal, wait 6 months to receive your goat sex hybrid. :)
'Yoooo, I just had the most amazing goat sex at Grampa's farm!'

'You're sick, man'.
by Poo'p Nigga August 31, 2018
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