2 definitions by Poisonhole

A verb. To marshal together a group to detain and subdue a person to the ground, while one asshole drops his pants, spreads his cheeks, and rubs his asshole across the victim's face. This act usually results in anger, or if the victim is a pussy, crying. Also causes intense embarrasment, not to mention it just plain smells like ass. Also may have the side effect of pink eye.
Ethan: Dude, you missed it! The whole wrestling team held down Dominic and I Assfaced him, it was fucking hilarious!

Kurtis: What did he do?

Ethan: He called us a bunch of crackers, then went home and cried.
by Poisonhole October 18, 2008
When a man has taco shits, or some form of the shits combined with any spicy food, or any other substance which causes a burning sensation comming out of the asshole, and said man wipes back to front.
Goodness gracious man, I have great balls of fire!
by Poisonhole October 17, 2008