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Slang word for Friend use in New York's Queensbridge housing projects.

Background: Kiko(Brother of Ty Nitty of Infamous Mobb) was a well known teenager who was murdered in the 1980's, after which in his memory his name was used to describe a friend by those who wished his name not be forgotten.
"Yo what up Kiko!!"

"Pass that ish kiko"
by Platinum Pistolz June 15, 2004

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1.A Person or group of persons who refuse to see truth of reality & instead hold on to false Prophecies delivered by their leaders the Bush Family.

2. Anyone who believe WMD exsisted in Iraq after the first Gulf War ended.

3. Anyone who believes Saddam Hussain had Any connections to September 11, 2001

4. Anyone who Refused to believe George W. Bush mislead the INTIRE country before invading Iraq in the wake of 2003.

5. Anyone believing false claims dispite the facts due to Blind loyalty.
Man 1: GEEZE, Can you believe Joe? He still says Bush is a liberator even tho the Iraqi people Disapprove of him by 94%!!

Man 2: Yeah he's a real Bushite..

"We Should've got our Allies together & invaded Iran not Iraq, Common now, Don't be a crazy Bushite"
by Platinum Pistolz October 25, 2004

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1. A Unestablished yet active education system located worldwide with only One class: Street Smarts 101 in wich you learn from your enviroment & the costly mistakes you make

2. Street Education of the obvious or Street Common Sense
"Whats that nerd doing around here? He ain't from the School of hardknocks"

"Girl you know better then to walk through Centarl Park at knight wearing that skimpy Skirt, you better go back to the School of Hardknocks"
by Platinum Pistolz June 15, 2004

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1. A Person for whom failure is so consistant that they are slowly driven into madness.

2. Someone who partakes in unbelievably odd behavior that a reasonable human would avoid.

See LaToya Jackson
"Man.. every since billy lost his fast food job for the 12th time he's been acting like a total Wack-job"

"Prisoner #46729675 has been wiping his ass with his hands & not washing them for weeks on end.. What a Wack-job
by Platinum Pistolz June 15, 2004

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An excuse for not doing what was nessessary.
"John why the hell are these orders still on your desk? What are you doing in here Huntin' for WMD's??"

"So sorry I'm late ladies, the trains were a mess, you'd think the motorman was Hunting for WMD's or something"
by Platinum Pistolz June 15, 2004

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A Term to be used a just pretext for Unjust conflict when no other reason is Available or Other reason is Morally wrong.
"I should bust him right in the face"
"Why, For his money?"
"..Uh.. No.. The M-F got WMD kid"
"Word?? Do that S^&t!!"

"Bill why'd you bash Bob's windows in like that?"
"He had WMD"
"OOOH.. well in that case.."
by Platinum Pistolz June 15, 2004

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To be weak, non-manly, Not tough, Punk or Puss
Yo kid, you see Rob get Punked out? He Maaaad Bunnz yo.
by Platinum Pistolz June 15, 2004

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