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An annual American college football game, usually played in late November, matching athletically above-average teams representing academically average institutions, Auburn University and the University of Alabama.

The first two Iron Bowl games were played in 1893, the only year the two teams competed twice. Following the 2007 Iron Bowl game, the all-time record stands at 38 wins for the University of Alabama, 33 wins for Auburn University, and one tie.

Many of the people most interested in the game pronounce its name in regional dialect as "Arn Bowl". In previous centuries the game was played more frequently in Birmingham, Alabama, than any other location. However, during the 21st century the game has been played only on the campuses of the participating institutions, located in Alabama towns named Tuscaloosa and Auburn.

Three statistical quirks mark the history of the series:

(1) For an interval of 41 years, beginning in 1907 and ending in 1947, the game was not played, due to animosity between the two institutions. Some yet feel that the series should not have been renewed.

(2) In the interval 1973-1981, the University of Alabama won nine consecutive Iron Bowl games, all of which were played in Birmingham.

(3) Auburn University has never lost an Iron Bowl game played at its opponent's Tuscaloosa campus, winning all seven of those.
Hey, Bubba, you got any extry tickets fer the Arn Bowl (Iron Bowl)?
by Placekicker July 23, 2008

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