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1) Rohyphenol
2) Common term for a drug used to render victims unconscious or incapacitated; typically used by males from college fraternities to rape female(or possibly male) victims because they, the frat kids, can't any poontang any other way due to their lack of basic social skills, idiocy or missing chromosomes.
"Dude, I think Brad's finally gonna get some tonight!" said Chad
"Why do you say that, dude?" asked Ted
"He totally slipped a roofie in that blonde chick's drink!" replied Chad
"Dude! Awesome! Delta Delta Delta!! Wooo!" hollered Ted.
by pizzozo October 28, 2004
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A mythical creature that befuddles his unwitting victim by fuckling the shit out of their minds.
Sometimes, if I'm fast enough, I catch a glimpse of the Brain Fuckler, just fucklin' the shit out of everyone... and we don't even know it.
by Pizzozo February 14, 2008
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1) A term created by the band Group X
2) Moron; bungling retard
3) Worse than a normal idiot
You are an ididoth if you think that 'ididoth' means that you are smart.

Quit being such a billyfied fagmouth nance, you ididoth.
by pizzozo October 28, 2004
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1) Having too much money or too many posessions for your own good, and making sure everyone around you knows about it.
2) Bill Gates
3) A slang term for 'swanky wanker'
Wow, Bob sure turned into a swankwank after he won the lottery.
by pizzozo October 01, 2004
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A term that describes the feeling that a female experiences when having sex with a male of small penis size; usually the size of a typical person's pinky.
(22:05:38) trust2frustr8: so in other news, what's it like to have a pinky-fuck
(22:05:49) trust2frustr8: ooh, im gonna define that word at urbandictionary.com
(22:06:06) Shut it h0 2: Oh my God. I felt more from his fingers than his penis...and that's terrible.
(22:06:39) trust2frustr8: mang... like i said, im glad i got good genes, cause i dont think i could stand living otherwise
by pizzozo December 14, 2004
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1) Extremely whiny; apt to cry about one's partner being mean.
2) Antonym for hardcore
3) pussy
1) This emo is friggin' billyfied.
2) That's just about the most billyfied thing I've heard you say, you nance.
3) Quit being so billyfied.
by pizzozo September 11, 2004
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When two men fuck a woman in her anus and her vagina at the same time
Rick and Nick gave that trick the ol' double stick.
by pizzozo October 28, 2004
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