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When you need to talk but have garlic bread in your mouth. So you aren't talking clearly. Also when you can't stop eating garlic bread and talking at the same time.
"Hey Bill, remember when we would get all messed up and talk G-Bresh for hours. Who's gonna be lawyer boy?"
by Piper the Polar Bear October 18, 2017

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for those who put in a hard week, Friday is a definite party night. But Thursday is the day before, so why not start early. At that, Wednesday is hump day, so therefore 'buzz Wednesday'. Spoil yourself, start a bit early sometimes.
Hey Gordon, what do you say we pick up some Vodka and make prank phone calls?

Well Gary, normally I'd say no. It is Buzz Wednesday however. I suppose we can party with the polar bear already
by Piper the Polar Bear October 06, 2010

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The person who brings ice to another person, place or party. Also know as Ice Father or Father of Frozen.
"Has anyone seen Ice Daddy? My drink is warm and it's Buzz Wednesday already."
"You mean Father of Frozen? On his way now with 3 bags of ice, just left the booth I hear"
by Piper the Polar Bear November 09, 2017

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