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A term used to describe something as being particularly fickin' awesome. Sometimes the term is used in conjunction with spicy sentence enhancers like frickin'.

Not to be confused with term X meaning ecstasy.
Jonathan: What's up Dad?

Hollywood Dad: Nada. Have you seen the new Bathing Apes Eric got?

Jonathan: Yeah they're pretty frickin' sweet.

Hollywood Dad: They're Tha X man!!!

by PigBenis December 28, 2007

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Usually an extreme jubilation or expression of approval concerning absolutely nothing.

The combination of words can be placed in any order as long as it used in the same setting i.e. "Frickin'+Sweet=Dude"
Keith: What's up playa?
Eric: Not much man. What's going on tonight?
Keith: I don't know, but Dude+Frickin'=Sweet!
Eric: You know it.
by PigBenis December 28, 2007

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