3 definitions by Pierce-a-cola

A segment of time in which no tossing off has occurred.
Dude, I was so busy that my weekend was totally tossless.
by Pierce-a-cola March 03, 2008
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An oily, wet, sometimes lumpy secretion which becomes plastered,...no..pasted, between the cheeks of your ass, and in the worst cases, oozes out of the crack near the satchel and skid marks your underwear, and if your wearing slacks, them too. Condition can bring on an uncomfortable rash, butt cheek pimples, and the dreaded festering lump around your underwear leg band.
Dude,..you got swamp ass or what?
by Pierce-a-cola February 05, 2008
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The act of creating a facade which when looked at from the outside appears happy, serene, and safe, but still, its purpose is to draw us close, take as much of our money as they can, and give us and our children a false sense of security, joy and happiness.
Look honey, the circus is in town and they have clowns as part of their disneyfication.
by Pierce-a-cola February 06, 2008
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