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Extremely irritating animated frog used to advertise a mobile phone ringtone.

Crazy frog appears at least once within every commercial break on tv, wearing goggles and helmet and riding an imaginary motorcycle with his cock out.

The ringtone sounds like Joe Pasquale immitating an old moped and is extremely popular among chavs.

Unfortunately, this plague does not look like fading anytime soon, as the crazy frog now has a single (Axel F) in the UK charts and the advert has now invaded terrestrial channels.
Beebebedeebeedebebe.....be be de de....

Anyone in possession of the crazy frog should have to pick faeces from their mobile phone keypad, having just removed the device from their rectum, into which, no doubt, it was forceably inserted.
by Pie Eater May 16, 2005

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A dude with skills in chatting up the opposite sex.
Look at that bird Higgs has pulled - he's a right worder!
by Pie Eater November 24, 2010

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A scally who takes pride in attempting to mimic US hip-hop artist "Eminem" in every possible way. Are often seen with bleached blond hair, beanies or hoodies 8 sizes too big. Possess a foul attitude towards others, not realising that Eminem has reasons to be angry and they don't. Twats. Laugh at them when you see them.
Eminem: "Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?"

Every male aged 14-20 in Stockport would stand up.
by Pie Eater April 19, 2004

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A meaty fart, common after BBQ's.
"Man, did you roast a ghost?"
by Pie Eater April 19, 2004

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1. Cheesy build up around one's helmet

2. Bong dirt
1. "I save all my smeg for the Jehovah's Witnesses"

2. "Check out the smeg on that pipe"
by Pie Eater April 19, 2004

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An extremely good football (soccer) team that play in Dallas.
The Dogs Bollocks beat Maxim 9-0 last night.
by Pie Eater January 21, 2004

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