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PiC anal is a PiC call escalation, unlike a PiC call that can be made anytime, PiC anal has far tighter restrictions. Reserved for special occasions or as a special reward for good behaviour. The call for PiC anal is usually made by the receiver, however the giver may make 1 call per year to their partner in crime.
It’s my partner in crimes birthday, he’ll be expecting a BJ but as a special treat I’m going to escalate and go with PiC anal on this special day.
by Piclover69 May 14, 2021
When Partners in Crime cannot be together physically, they still chat, they still see each other, they still love but there are no PiC calls.

This may because of issues with timing, with availability or just because one feels that they can’t give their PiC and their family the love they deserve at this time.
I’m PiC sad, it’s been so long, but the love will always be there.
by Piclover69 July 7, 2021
When a Partner in Crime makes a PiC call it’s an non disputable call for sex. A true PiC will acknowledge and prepare. Escalations may include PiC anal and PiC oral, again a challenge cannot be placed.
Just got a PiC call from my partner in crime, gonna be busy for a while, just hope I can still walk tomorrow.
by Piclover69 May 13, 2021
Related to PiC oral but only one way, not a blow job because a true PiC knows that it’s not a job and there is no blowing! It’s not really a privilege but rather an expression of PiC love ❤️. Can go both ways with true privilege of gently sucking the other nipples.
It was a privilege to suck my Partner in Crimes nipples… while she gave pic sucking privilege.
by Piclover69 July 23, 2021
Celebrated on the 14th of Feb, conveniently on same day as a well known but far less important alternative ‘celebrationPiC 4 life! ❤️
Can’t wait to say happy PiC day to my Partner in crime, they rock!
by Piclover69 February 12, 2022
A best friend, a confidant, a secret lover. Someone who knows you better than you know yourself. Someone who has your back no matter what. Someone who knows what you are thinking before you do. Someone who won't change you and loves you for who you are. Someone you feel connected to and comfortable with makes you feel appreciated and loved. Someone who knows it’s ok to send that selfie, sext or nude. Someone who you love to message and messages you but never deletes an unread message.
My partner in crime just gave me the best birthday BJ
by Piclover69 May 9, 2021