2 definitions by Pickle Flavoured Custard

Referring to someone by the name they were born with instead of the name they chose for themselves after their mental breakdown.
"Hey James!"
"I've told you before, my name is Jamie now. Stop deadnaming me."
"Shut the fuck up James. It doesn't matter that you've had your dick removed. That doesn't make you a woman, it just makes you a man without a dick. Now put the fucking kettle on."
by Pickle Flavoured Custard August 12, 2020
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A sexual act performed on Chaturbate by an attractive woman who humps a pillow, whilst performing dildo karaoke to a song of your choice, whilst wearing a cowboy hat before finally faking a huge lush reaction.
Storm: "What the fuck is a 5-bean salad?"
TheJoShow: "Tip and find out!"
by Pickle Flavoured Custard November 3, 2020
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