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A term used to describe that friend who financially rides on the coattails of his pals. This individual has no shame with letting his friends pay all the rounds nor does he feel any remorse afterwards. This long term behavior may lead to alienation, divorce, banishment from the friend circle, extreme judgement, and overall negative outlook by others
I went out Larry last night and he was being such a moser... didn’t offer to pay one round
by Pickle Face July 17, 2020
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The title given to someone who struggles to answer a simple question asked. This person will attempt to give a bullshit response to act smart and seem credible even though they are completely missing the point. If you ever encounter someone like this, just walk away. There is no hope.
Bob: Yo this bitch wont answer my question!

Frank: I know he is being a total Jenkins

Keep Calm Cry
by Pickle Face April 7, 2015
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