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lethal spray cheese it can kill a person if used wrongly
you wanna go
yeah bitch
look out *takes out cheez-whiz*
by Phishr December 18, 2004

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A word with little to no actual meaning in a sentence but mostly implied meaning. Purported to only be used in Alberta it is widely used all over Canada and in some places in the US.
1)So, here we got a...a bottle of beer, eh? And did you know that...if you wanna get some free beer, eh? you stick a...a baby mouse in your bottle eh? And And then you take it to the brewery eh? And then you say that you found it eh? You found it in one of their bottles of beer!

2) "Nice day, eh?"
"Yeah. It's nice and sunny, eh?"
"Yeah. Did you catch the hockey game last night, eh?"
"No, eh. I was watchin'a movie."
"Oh. It was a good game, eh."
"Oh I'll bet, eh..."
"Oy it was too, eh!"
"All you ever talk about is hockey, eh? Never nothin' else!"
"Well I am a Canuck, eh?"
"Oh. Right. Yeah we're both Canucks, eh?"
"Yeah we are, eh."
"Oh...Nice day, eh?"
by Phishr August 23, 2006

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A very cool word which is used by people that are too cool to use other such interjections like sick, nasty, ill, wicked, crazy, insane, kickass, or sweet.
Tristan: that kickflip was wicked...
Topher: no, it was definitely ill.
Iain: it was obviously mint.
Ethan: look guys it is easy to see that that was totally phat
by Phishr May 31, 2005

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A snipe is a large flightless bird that is very reclusive. To draw one from it's lair, a snipe call must be performed. This is acieved by clicking two rocks together. When the snipe appears, the frightened jounior campers throw rocks at it.
Corbs: Hey guys, we're gonna go snipe hunting!
OT1: ...What's a Snipe?
Corbs: Its a large flightless bird
OT1: There are large flightless birds at Bement?
Corbs: Uhhh...Yeah!
by Phishr October 01, 2005

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basically it can mean anything you want it to. beleive me i have a friend in Newburyport and have a yeat shirt
Hey you yeat!
Yeat the balls away from me!
Well I yeated your mother last night!
by Phishr December 20, 2004

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