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Used in statistics when there is not enough data to make a conclusion. It has two major uses:
1. In statistics, more specifically baseball statistics/sabermetrics
2. On Myspace and Facebook, when the profile picture of a private account does not determine whether the person is attractive or not.
1. Person 1: Jeff Francoeur is a good hitter! Look at what he did in 2005!
Person 2: Those 70 games are a small sample size! He's been a below-average hitter since then.
2. Random Girl: Here's my myspace, myspace.com/amisexyoraminotyoucanttellbymyprofilepic
Person 1: I'm calling small sample size on that profile pic.
Person 2: You need to friend us so we can make a statistical conclusion. :)
by Philliesfan311 December 14, 2008

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Simply at a level that is easily replaceable.
Derived from the popular baseball statistic VORP (Value over replacement level)
It can be used to describe anything at a replaceable level; for instance, baseball players, women, or any type of product.
1. During his career, Carlos Baerga was a replacement level infielder.
2. That girl is replacement level, go to any college campus in America (besides John Jay University) and you'll find a ton of better-looking ones.
3. Due to the blurry picture and bad audio, the GE Minicam Pro is a replacement level webcam.
by Philliesfan311 March 21, 2009

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(Verb) When you whoop a bitch's ass so bad you put her in the hospital.
Get me my food you stupid worthless bitch before I Chris Brown you.
by Philliesfan311 February 21, 2009

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