3 definitions by Peter Frampton

a slut with anal warts who dosn't tell you till after youve had sex with her, and one of her warts explodes.
That bitch is a dirty koosh wrap.
by Peter Frampton January 1, 2006
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being taken advantage of or tricked by a drunken Bum.
A bum sits outside a conveniance store. hes asks an unsuspecting person (Melvin) to by him some beer. (Melvin) says OK, gimme the money. Bum says "Im to drunk to take it out of my pocket can you grab it for me?"...........and you can guess who gets bum dicked from here.
by Peter Frampton May 2, 2006
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Sucking a fart out of a chicks Anal Rim, and then proceeding to kiss her while burping the fart into her mouth.
Burt Reynolds gave Sally Struthers a "Smokey and the Bandit" during a hot night of love.
by Peter Frampton January 1, 2006
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