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An indescribably cheesy and/or dumb joke made by a father to his children.
Daughter: Dad, we should go back soon.
Dad: Why?
Daughter: I'm hungry.
Dad: Hi hungry, I'm dad!
Daughter: Shut up with the dad jokes, they aren't funny!
by PeanutbutterPenis November 20, 2013

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RainbowDash is a pony character from the show My Little Pony. In the new generation (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic) RainbowDash has a rainbow mane and tail, blue body, blue wings, pink/magenta eyes and has a rainbow thunderbolt coming out of a cloud as a cutie mark. (Cutie Mark-A mark on the pony's 'flank' when they find a special talent they have. Usually gotten at a young age) RainbowDash is famous for being fast, braggy-ish, adventurous. And for her catch fraise "It needs to be about 20% cooler". RainbowDash and her friends are so famous that they take parts in Fanfics such as "Cupcakes", "Rainbow Factory", and "My Little Dashie" (I suggest you don't read Cupcakes or Rainbow Factory, it's a bit gory.)
1. Girl: Who's your favourite pony?
Boy: Fluttershy and Rarity
Girl: That's a shame
Boy: Why?
Girl: RainbowDash is about 20% cooler
by PeanutbutterPenis November 15, 2012

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(2013 tumb-ler-ing)

Back in 2013, tumblr.com was just getting popular with a younger age group, scene and emo kids, the LGBT+ community, weeaboos , and hipsters . All of these groups combinded made the website a little unstable. Anyone with an opinion would get death threats, anyone who didn't ship two male characters were seen as homophobic, and if you didn't like tumblr then you would get thousands of 13 year old trying to convince you that they know how to hack computers and kill people.

Fandoms such a homestuck , SuperWhoLock , and various different anime became the head of tumblr in 2013. This caused problems, as they often went out of control. Stories people in homestuck cosplay attacking people with buckets (as it is a reference to the comic) and girls as young as 12 sending nudes to the many different adult male actors became common, but we're brushed off by tumblr.

2013 Tumblring refers to the attitude that people had during Tumblr is 2013. Acting like Tumblr is the best and if you disagree then you are wrong. Always being hyper, out of control. and pretending that you aren't responsible for your actions. Even though the website has grown up, there are many people today who are still 2013 Tumblring.
Mark: I got into Supernatural recently!
Fred: Eh, 2013 Tumblr ruined Supernatural for me
Mark: But 2013 is over now, I doubt there's anyone like that anymore
Fred: You haven't looked hard enough if you can't see atleast 3 people at school who are still 2013 Tumblring
by PeanutbutterPenis January 14, 2016

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Someone who doesn't have anything that they are good at. Otherwise known as talentless.
Jeffery: Dang it, I got a F on my math test
Peter: Pfftt.....blank flank....
Jeffery: The fuck you say to me nigga?
by PeanutbutterPenis November 20, 2013

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There is a group of teenagers on the internet who call themselves "anti-recovery" because they're scared that the process od recovering from a mental illness will be too difficult for them.

Instead of being responsible adult and encourage these teenagers to not lose hope, some adults call themselves "anti-anti-recovery" and paint these teenagers as the villains of the internet for being mentally ill.
Johnny: Yeah and there's like fifteen year olds on the internet who claim there's such thing as abusive therapists

Mike: what... that IS a real thing. Literally anybody can be abusive, you are allowed to switch therapists if you think yours isn't doing their job

Johnny: Ugh, anti-recovery folk like you is why I'M anti-anti-recovery
by PeanutbutterPenis November 13, 2017

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