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Mad, gut wrenching, bowl echoing, stall rattling, rectum stretching, pant staining, nose-hair curling, janitor surprise... in other words, a fat runny shit, after drinking 3 cups of maple syrup.
After breakfast this morning, I've had nothing but mad maple all day.
by Paully May 9, 2003
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When you're walking around with the guys and you see a hot chick with two fine hams (see hams) you can exclaim "Mmm Kassar" to express your satisfaction with said Hams...
*Girl walks buy with her fine hams shifting nicely*
I say sir.. Mmmm Kassar...

*she doesnt have a clue*
by Paully May 9, 2003
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really really hardcore pimp... not a one bitch pimp, but a many bitch pamp...
you know...
Oh shiz!1 Look at that guy, he si teh Pamp!
by Paully February 3, 2003
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you dont know what Hams are!11
Hams = Sweet sweet ass
The kind of ass where if you were to slap it, it would ring like a church bell!
Oh check those sweet sweet hams!
by Paully May 9, 2003
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Do You really have Parent teacher conferences in college?

Yes, yes you do...

Oh ok...

*You have been Fraudeded*
by Paully February 3, 2003
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long-nosed, short-legged poochie
Hey friedle go take a walk.
by Paully January 1, 2004
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Form of greeting and hello's
Booyakasha! Check Dis!1

(See Check Dis)
by Paully May 9, 2003
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