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Do you understand what I just said?
Im highly succesful and you're not. Savvy?
by Paul Webb August 20, 2003

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seize the day; carpe diem.
you only live once, go out and trah the shump!
by Paul Webb December 19, 2006

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when giving a bj, you actualdently bite off the cock.
"AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN SEE THE LIGHT"
"oh no! get him to the hospital, its a cocktastrophe!:
by Paul Webb September 15, 2003

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Slang for the round humps located on a woman's frontal chest region. Also known as rack,hogans,knockers,twin peaks, flesh pillows, breasticles, chesticles, chi chi's, ta ta's, guns, cans, melons, big 'uns, love humps, tits, love puppies, crown pleasers, sweater kittens, tig ol' bitties, hooters, jugs
That chic has a giant milk depot.
by Paul Webb September 07, 2005

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when you give a bj, but fit the hole cock and balls inside your mouth
"yes yes yes! suck that cock! oh! thats such a nice cockjob"
(muffled voice) "Ughhhhhhhh"
by Paul Webb September 15, 2003

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