3 definitions by Paul Allen

to not inhibit yourself or pretend to be something you are not.
do you know today's dow jone industrial average?
I don't know that shit, keep it real!
by Paul Allen March 03, 2003
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Referring to a test. Often misconstruded to be tarts in the british variety. Mostly used in de Pave's class.
When Pavey was being a bitch, I complained about having to take her Tarst.
by Paul Allen March 06, 2003
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a very arrogant well put together young urban professional who you more than likely will find wearing gucci and prada with a large bank account which they love to brag about. You can find them drinking Starbucks, living in a one bedroom apartment in a city where they will pay 1000-2000 a month for and spending another 3000 a month on their credit cards. They brag about their designer clothes and love to flaunt them , as well as their wealth. They look down upon anyone who isnt as wealthy or high status as they are. Men are likely to be found wearing designer suits, gucci preferably with slicked back or well cut hair. The women will be wearing prada/gucci and fendi. The most arrogant concieted fucks on the planet.
Look at that yuppie flaunting his wealth.
Most of the characters in American Psycho
by Paul Allen February 25, 2005
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