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Used to describe something your tall, skinny, awkward friend would do. Usually refers to things that would be stupid or dorky when done or used by the average person, but has a sort of ironic coolness when the right person (i.e., Scratz) gets involved.
We were at the Salvation Army store and we found a red bucket hat and red-lensed sunglasses - when Chris wore them, it was the scrattiest look ever.

Dude, we're dressing in costume for a movie release? That's so scratty.
by Patattack May 4, 2007
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A nickname ideally given to your tall, skinny, awkward friend. Starts with a vaguely insulting connotation, but soon becomes a term of endearment.
Hey, wanna go get Scratz and play some Mafia?
by Patattack May 4, 2007
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