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an offensive comment, mainly aimed towards the male of the species, when one is being particularly nasty, stupid, or facetious.
God, Evan is such a tool!

Why are you being a tool for?
by PartyCarPartyFlat April 02, 2009
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Used to describe an area of residence, usually a flat in which a person, and/or their best friend(s) normally early 20's live, where the only thing to do is PARTY HARD!

The flat is often a breeding ground for drunken mishaps and legendary tales of fun times!

Hey Bud, shall we go to the party flat tonight?!

Have you seen Charlotte and Lu's new party flat? It's awesome!

I really want to move out and get a party flat
by PartyCarPartyFlat April 01, 2009
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A phrase, used in response to the statement- ''No man is an island''
I am a Party Island.

There is only one other palm tree on my Party Island.

Dude, your a complete PARTY ISLAND
by PartyCarPartyFlat April 03, 2009
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Previously untouched member of the opposite sex, wanted for only one reason.

Fresh meat is known to be notoriously easy to get, if you are out on the prowl.

The meat bit of the name is derived from the non abilty to enter a realationship with said 'fresh meat'
Really need to get some fresh meat tonight.

I think I have a fear of fresh meat.

Ohhhh...he's totally fresh meat!
by PartyCarPartyFlat April 03, 2009
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