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The technical term for the killing or murder of a law enforcement officer, especially a Police Officer in the United States.
That cop was such a fuckin’ pig, he had me about to commit some hamicide.
by Pancho777 August 03, 2020

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Bitch; different way to say biznach
Wasup biznachen whats chillin tonight
by Pancho777 November 06, 2006

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Mongolian Grill, A popular Restaurant serving usually Asian foods that are at first raw, and then selected and put together by the customer and then is obtained by the chef to cook it for you.
"Dude we should hit the freaken MG"
"I wish i had eleven dollars for the MG"
"My Ass got pwned by the MG this morning"
by Pancho777 April 09, 2007

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When an explanation or definition sounds like it belongs in a dictionary. A very specific and concise description or explanation of meaning.
That UD entry I just wrote is pretty Merriam-Websteresque.
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by Pancho777 August 02, 2020

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What you find when you go to empty your pockets and pull out a bunch of unexpected hidden treasures.
Shit you had your keys, four joints, a phone, a lighter, your headphones, and a slice of pizza in there?! That’s a fuckin’ pocket haul.
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by Pancho777 August 02, 2020

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