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It's an intensification of "what do you want, a cookie?" which shows lack of interest when someone tells something he considers very cool or amazing, mostly while showing off whith it.

For example, you can use it when you are down and someone thinks he has to tell you just NOW how happy and overjoyed he is.
(I am sad because my love is already assigned)

Annoying person: ...and I just kissed her! She requested me to bring her home and in front of her house she asked whether I wanted to see her stamp collction -haha- and of course I said yes- damn she's so friggin' hot- and then we went in and she took off her...
You: Hey, do you want a cookie from my shut-up-and-croak-box?
by Pacmaniac June 24, 2011

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Composition of snack and baggage. Only singular. Snaggage is food you carry with you when going on a journey. It's also food you bring along at the airport to eat in the plane. Can also be spelled snackage, more common snaggage.
You can leave your snaggage right here. You'll get it back later in the plane.

You have it to slice your snaggage? Sorry mister, we have to confiscate it, no knifes in the plane.

Connor brought ten sandwiches with him on the train ride! Only as snaggage!
by pacmaniac June 16, 2011

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Practicing for a real kiss by kissing yourself in a mirror.
Many teenagers try schizophrenic smooching because they don't want to disgrace themselves at their first kiss.
by Pacmaniac June 24, 2011

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An argument you have with someone you share your bath with and one of you has left something in the bath you didn't want to see or didn't clean the bath after bathing.
They had big tub trouble because he smudged the neatly cleaned mirror by schizophrenic smooching

Hey! Cynthia didn't clean the drain grating after shaving her armpits! She will be in big tub trouble...

Leaving stubbles and bubbles are hubbles causing couples of double tub troubles
by Pacmaniac June 24, 2011

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