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Doom Slayer(aka doomguy) is what the demons call him for his notorious reputation with just slaying the HELL(HA) out of the demons
demon: *satanic language talking about doom slayer*

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by PURPLE SKOOTLES August 08, 2018

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Pybros are usually chill pyro's that help with engineers spy problems. They are usually found near the sentry and if not, they have to be nearby. There are at least 2 types of pybros (that i have seen) all of different skill levels;

The level one pybro just saw some other pybro or found out on YouTube and want to be one. You can recognize the gibus and maybe pyrovision, and though they are a pybro, they aren't the best for dispatching good spy's. They will more than likely do the "destroy sapper and not take care of the spy first" tactic,and they aren't the best when it comes to airblasting.

The level 2 pybro is a direct upgrade from the level one, they dispatch the spy before the sapper, know how to airblast(though not the best), and will more than likely defend a sentry with their life.

The few nuisances that the pybro will have to deal with are: Pushes, dead ringer spys, spycicle spys, and worst of all, dead ringer spycicle spys.(;-;)

usual pybro setup below

Primary - flamethrower of choice that isn't the backburner or dragons fury(not that anyone uses it). stock recommended for maximum airblast
Secondary - anything that isn't the gas passe, the thermal thruster and the manmelter
Melee - ALWAYS homewrecker, neon annihilator and the maul.

pybro is an awesome subclass to play, they are an engie's buddy and a spy's demise. So go play pybro, NOT w+m1 phlog
Fellow Engie: We need a pybro to protect the sentrys.

Spy: oh no...
by PURPLE SKOOTLES August 07, 2018

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a elongated and confusing way to say that you finished your goal
guy-i did the do i needed to do to get the do done

that guy- excuse me, what?

guy- I'M DONE
by PURPLE SKOOTLES June 15, 2018

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a way of screaming to try and be funny and/or a different version of REEEEEEEE
spoopy guy- REEK

other guy- PLEASE STOP (;-;)
by PURPLE SKOOTLES June 15, 2018

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The christian way of getting rid of a sin

A way of signifying that you want something bad gone
Begone you unholy beast!
by PURPLE SKOOTLES June 14, 2018

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The shortened/cut off version of "hell"
aw 'ell, were in for some deeeeep shit
by PURPLE SKOOTLES June 23, 2018

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It's and acronym for "Child's Online Daycare" NOT that Call of Duty stuff
This kid doesn't like TF2, must play CoD.
by PURPLE SKOOTLES June 15, 2018

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