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A full contact football game enjoyed by many countries that play it professionally.
Often, Australian's especially will argue the points of rugby union vs rugby league. League is a game usually played by thugs or rapists, that can't deal with too many rules. Australian's that watch this game religiously usually have limited culture and world experience. They like things simple. Run at a team, get tackled, have sex with the ground, pass the football between legs, do it all over again 6 times then hand the ball over. It is simplicity that attracts the Aussie fans to watch this game. Being an Australian i do understand.

However for people who prefer a fair advantage of gaining possession of the ball there is rugby union. Union (despite what a rugby league player will tell you) is a more aggressive, more full contact game. Both teams fight for the ball to gain the advantage. The key word "advantage". It is a constant battle to gain ground. There is no six tackle count. The teams actually have to work to gain possession of the ball, no handover. Union player will use rucks, mauls, scrums and lineouts to achieve this. Where as in league the forwards are usually ex convicts or expert pub brawlers, made to do one thing and thats to run straight at the opposing team with their head down, union makes use of its forward pack to gain ground. The forwards do a hell of a lot more work in a game of rugby union. Whereas league is burst play, they run, they rest, they interchange.

Not many countries play league professionally. Not many countries like the simplicity of it. But people with a low IQ have to exist in society as well, so i am for both codes.
by P.Rickshaw October 06, 2007
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What aliens do to you once you have been abducted in to their space craft. Many abductee's claim this has happened to them, usually the alien probe is inserted in to the anus.
I cant explain to you why they like that particular intrusion.
"i got abducted by aliens in my sleep last night. I went in to their spaceship and they probed me up"
"that fuckin green alian sick fuck stuck his probe in my ass"
"if aliens abduct me, my over and under shotgun should end their little probe party"
by P.Rickshaw September 25, 2007
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disgusting, diseased, rank, foul, putred, gross.
"man, oprah winfrey is fucking dez!"
"yeah shes as attractive as a bucket full of assholes"
by P.Rickshaw October 05, 2007
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