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A : What pronouns do you use ?

B : Ummm why the question ? Anyway it's he/his
A : Ah I see you must be a cishet
B : A---- what ?

A : A cisgender heterosexual
B : Ah yes, I'm normal
by Othmannnnnnne November 30, 2020
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Proof that leftists can't meme and will call anyone and everything a white supremacist, while ignoring the fact that their beloved Biden tried to keep a black person off the SCOTUS bench by manufacturing a fake rape lawsuit and called the efforts to stop segregation " a racial jungle "
Emily ACAB BLM (Xi/Xer): Oh no the racist Coup Clutz Clan are trying to steal the election, anyway here's my onlyfans.
by Othmannnnnnne January 5, 2021
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A : Bro do you remember that incel who used to slutshame women, he now has a girlfriend who sells nudes online. What a simp.
B : I know right, that's what we call a simpcel.
by Othmannnnnnne June 27, 2020
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An expression used by kinksters with daddy and mommy issues who can't enjoy a normal intercourse and need to humiliate their partner or to get humiliated to get off. Usually used to shame people who don't indulge in extreme sexual activities.
Daddy's cumslut kitten : I have been a naughty girl lately, I want you to tie and punish me tonight.
Sane adult male : I think it's time to let go of childish enthusiasms.
Daddy's cumslut kitten : Oh no please daddy I really can't feel anything unless I imagine myself being used, vanilla sex won't do it for me.
Sane adult male : Then watch less porn and go to therapy. I'm out of here
by Othmannnnnnne January 4, 2021
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