3 definitions by Ornatus Horrificus

A sexual act performed upon another person solely for the benefit of the recipient of the gratification.
“I did administer sex to him so he’d quit harping and leave me the hell alone!”
by Ornatus Horrificus November 23, 2010
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When internet glitches or error messages mimic religion, philosophy or other concepts from real life.
That error message said I should "contact the 'Web Master' and tell him what I've done wrong to cause it" just like some 'netaphor' for confession, Dude!
by Ornatus Horrificus November 3, 2010
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When news anchors embellish their reporting through sanctimonious opinion clearly displayed via their facial expression while delivering news.
Let's all watch Glenn Beck exaggerface the news.
by Ornatus Horrificus November 12, 2010
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