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The result of making an omelette in a waffle maker. The omelette then resembles the shape of a waffle.
Janet: hey you want a wafflette?

Karen: umm yes of course

Janet: (cracks 4 eggs right into the waffle maker)

4-8 minutes later...
Janet: Hands Karen an omelette in the shape of a waffle

Karen: (takes a big bite) and says, This is the best wafflette I’ve ever tasted

Janet: (gives a big thumbs up to Karen)
by Ohfuckthat11 January 23, 2018
A non-gendered term for the word "amen"
Thank you for the food we are about to eat. aperson
by Ohfuckthat11 October 3, 2017
A foamy consistency of a liquid substance
There sure is a lot of sudge in this bubble bath
by Ohfuckthat11 October 16, 2020
Similar to the phrase "let us pray" but rather "lettuce dildo" it is often stated to mark the beginning of a rather large orgy.
Adam begins, "I would like to welcome everyone to this 8 person orgy", Adam then holds up the dildo with both hands and states, "lettuce dildo" To which marks the official beginning of the orgy.
by Ohfuckthat11 October 3, 2017