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For people who don’t want to take the time and effort to say the shit and instead use the term the shiz
It’s a more family friendly and wholesome way to say the shit

The Shiz is a way to say something is cool or awesome

And saying something is the shiz is basically saying that something is legit
Person 1: hey dawg
Person 2: sup
Person 3: have you guys been to that new restaurant down the street
Person 1: no but I heard it’s the shiz

Person 2: did you just say shiz?
Person 1: yeah we keeping this a Christian minecraft server
Person 3: yasss keepin it family friendly
Person 2: y’all are losers
by Oh really??? April 10, 2019

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A slang term originated in the 60s for the words cool, awesome, or legit

Also can be used sarcasm

Cool beans has made it big in pop culture
Nick- Wass up homie, I got da greatest news
Lance- what’s it’s bro

Nick- I got my drivers license back
Lance- cool beans bruh
Nick- I know right
by Oh really??? March 31, 2019

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