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Using a 4x4 vehicle, ATV or motorcycle to travel on trails other than paved roads and maintained dirt roads.

Also offroading, offroader.
We got a Jeep so we could go offroad.
by OffroadGirl September 08, 2004
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The tendency of instant message software like Yahoo to turn groups of characters into smileys that you didn't want to be smileys, making it difficult to get your point across.
I tried to IM "Nice ass! (*)" to someone and it changed the (*) into a lame star smiley.
by OffroadGirl March 01, 2005
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Your "elevation" due to the amount of caffeine you have had. It's usually on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the most caffelevated and buzzed on caffeine. 5 is a dangerous level, while 1 is practically comatose. 3 is that nice high you get from a triple latte at fivebucks.
My caffelevation was only at about 2, making it very hard to talk to Lydia who is almost always caffelated to a 5.
by OffroadGirl March 04, 2005
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The act of hitting or tapping yourself or others on the head with a newly emptied, soft-sided water bottle (like the bottles used by Aquafina or Dasani). This usually occurs when you are relaxed and just hanging out.
I finished up my water and gave myself an aquabonk, and then aquabonked the dog a few times before getting back to watching Jerry Springer.
by OffroadGirl December 01, 2005
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