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A name that was made up for the book "Peter Pan"
Tommy: hey bobby!
Bobby: Yea?
Tommy: Did you know that the name Wendy was made up for the book Peter Pan?
Bobby: uh ya everyone knows that
by Ocelot44revolver December 31, 2006
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When you trick someone into thinking that somthing horrible has happened and then you litterally poke them with a fish and say "fish poke."
"Uh oh Tommy!"
"What is it Bobby?"
"(pokes Tommy with fish) Fish Poke!"
by Ocelot44Revolver July 21, 2006
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Like a mohawk but rotated 90 degrees. So it goes from one side of your head to the other instead of front to back.
Sam: Whats with that dudes mohawk, it's sideways!

Alex: Yo that's a Rohawk.
by ocelot44revolver November 18, 2008
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