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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hii. 17/m/tx looking for really cute girls to skypee with ;)
You: mmmm
You: : )
You: I'm cute
You: : )
Stranger: lol you sure?
You: well i think!
You: blonde
You: 5'3'
Stranger: lol you got skype?
You: c cup
You: no zits
You: yup
Stranger: hmm. then what are we waiting forr?
You: i lied to you: I really a pedophile. I live in Colorado, i'm a 50 year old man, and i'm wanted in 5 states.
You: lol
Stranger: lol
You: aren't we all...
You: ?
Stranger: yes
You: first i gotta see your pics...
You: then learn your address
You: then kidnap you
You: rape you
You: then throw you onto the street
You: like a dog
You: then come back her
You: and start the process again
You: so... pics first?
Your Omegle conversational partner has disconnected.

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by OMEGLITE February 22, 2010

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