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A hat that shouldn't be worn by anyone who isn't Indiana Jones or Michael Jackson.
oh, you're so cool because you're wearing a fedora.
by Not a bum June 14, 2013
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Xbox One: What the fuck? fuck that shit, I'm getting a ps4 :D

On the Xbox One, you can't use 'used games' (probably gonna put gamestop out of business), you require online service if you want to play on it, the Xbox needs the Kinect, and it's always on even if you turn off the console, and it has ears, and eyes; so don't go about jerkin' your gerkin if you happen to be around it. and it's expensive as fuck.

The only perks to having an Xbox One is that you can, you guessed it, watch TV on it. Of course Call of Duty DLC bullshit comes out on it first, but everybody stopped giving a shit after Mw3 amirite? and it will have a couple of pretty good exclusives.. that will come out on PC :/
Xbox One? More like: Xbox Done

Xbox, go home.
by Not a bum June 16, 2013
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Right after somebody sneezes, you say 'dick'. It would sound as if s/he said 'I chew dick'
Billy: *sneezes* ACHOO
Joe: Dick!
Billy: Fuck you

Achoo Dick!
by Not a bum May 08, 2013
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Stupidest fucking thing to get your father on Father's Day

End of story
what did i get on fathers day? oh i just got a fucking tie

btw i'm not a father, i just think that just giving your father a tie, is like telling your father that all he does is work. why not get him a shirt or a pair of sneakers?
by Not a bum June 16, 2013
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