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A made-up word used to describe your mate when they’re scared to do owt or just to call them it when you wanna get them triggered. Literally no-one knows what this word means.
Person-*Just gets run over by 14 lorries, 83 chavs on moterbikes, 9 nans in their Toyotas and the whole of Tour de Yorkshire* “HELP I’M DYING
That one mate who thinks they’re hard- “Omg you’re such a pap. That happened to me when I was 2 and I didn’t even blink. DON’T CRY ABOUT IT AND MAN UP!!!”
by Not a French Pleb August 27, 2019
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The shortest basketball player to ever exist. No one is too sure why he even plays it because he it literally no taller than 5”1 and I’m not even exaggerating he is a fucking midget. His lack of height results in him having size 13 nikes....KIDS size 13 nikes??? Beat that. Not only is he the size of a dwarf, he sounds like a female toddler on helium and to top it all off (easy to do with his height) he looks like a grape. A really sad neglected grape who goes out with a girl with the same name as his ex who *coincidentally* looks near enough the same, but his current gf is a pretty obvious downgraded version. Ben’s signature pulling technique is the “cupping technique” which is simply his tiny little hands grasping on his gf’s arse cheek in a library full of retarded year 7s, curving your hand and holding part of your gf’s arse cheek as if it’s a tit instead- works every time. Another important quality of Ben to mention is his replies being as dry as his pp. let’s not go into detail, just ask a Ben yourself yeah?
by Not a French Pleb January 27, 2020
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The single by the rapper “Tyga” which was released on 16th of May 2018. This was a really good song with a sick beat, but unfortunately, some lad by name of James Charles ruined it by attempting to sing the background of the song, making it impossible to hear the original song without him “singing” wH00mP wH00mP wH00mP
No one-
Not a single soul-

Everyone-“I can’t unhear this in the song taste!”
by Not a French Pleb August 27, 2019
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Some girl that has a thing for lads shorter than her. Does she have a fetish for dwarfs?? Idk but it sure seems like that. She also only hangs out with lads out of school because she’s a slag who leads them on and makes them depressed because she’s like that. She also has this weird obsession with the colour yellow??
*boy under the height of 4’5 walks past*
Evelyn- “damn I’ll suck him off so much that there’d be nothing left of him to suck”
by Not a French Pleb January 27, 2020
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This proper weirdo who thinks getting rid of his pedo tasche will make him a better looking person. It didn’t and nothing can change that. He does basketball even tho he’s just this little English white boy who uses this sport to cover up his non -existant, vanilla personality. His monobrow is almost as terrifying as the paragraph he sent to his crush confessing how he is crazily in love with her. This is not surprising tho bc of his lack of social skills. Never interact with an Ellis, trust me.
No one:
by Not a French Pleb January 27, 2020
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A person that wears tops and other pieces of clothing which have French written on them, without knowing what it means. They wear these because it makes them seem “cultured” but actually they just look like an absolute pleb, therefore the name WANNABE FRENCH PLEB
Person- “I thought you hated cats??”
Wannabe French Pleb- “I do. Why are you asking??”
Person-“It literally says I love cats on your t-shirt!”
Wannabe French Pleb-“Ha I didn’t know that😂 I don’t understand French. I just thought it looked pretty!!”
by Not a French Pleb August 27, 2019
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