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The modern Scientology.
by Nonaaa! April 12, 2009

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A sad, sad group of people who are desperate for attention. Many claim to enjoy harming themselves when less than 20% of them actually have the balls to do it. The listen to painfully wussy music where the testicle-less male vocal whines about how much his life sucks dick. You will never spot an emo wearing a thread of colour, black all the way with a hint of red indicating blood. Never confuse an emo with a goth; emos hate themselves, goths hate everything else.
Emo 1: oh dude, I'm so emo; I put 5 slits in my arm last night while listening to Bullet For My Valentine.

Emo 2: I'm more emo than you, I cut myself 14 times and ripped off my ballsack last night.
by Nonaaa! April 03, 2009

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Greatest rapper alive; main reason hip-hop is on the way back.
Hits by Flo-Rida;

"Apple bottom jeans (jeans,) boots with the fur (with the fur), the whole club was lookin' at her, she hit the floor (she hit the floor), next thang you know, shawty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low."

"She's stuck on my ela-elavator."

"Oh hot damn, this is my jam, keep me partyin' to the a.m, yall don't understand, make me throw my hands in the ayer, ay-ayer, ayer, ay-ayer."

"You spin my head right round, right round, when you go down, when you go down down."
by Nonaaa! April 03, 2009

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