54 definitions by Nobody

evil pit of cast down souls
For the holy disciple has been re-tokened to the anti-cosmosite and upon that pilar or the dark noon which has recently tolled laid the wretched corpse of the network once called fliQ where only putrid souls and the holy forgottens dwell awaiting their return to Yaktubad.
by nobody January 22, 2004
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To Get High, Stone or Inebriated.
Hey, wanna get bunda 5000? or I'm bunda 5000.
by NOBODY September 06, 2003
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a classification used to describe someone who had to much money when they were lttle.
see spoiled.hey this one i actually know.
by nobody May 25, 2003
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The greatest of the ISPs out there.
Earthlink > MSN/AOL
by Nobody August 16, 2003
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Word overused by UrbanCinderella, who is teh queen of dorks, and the biggest one alive.
1. UC, you dork.
2. UC is a dork!!
3. UC is the dork queen. Bow down.
by Nobody December 25, 2004
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Very small co-educational private school founded in 1919 with the ugliest kids in Delaware, good.
Tower Hill, more like Suck Hill.
by nobody March 03, 2005
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"fucking useless drivel"
"Did you learn anything at that presentation this afternoon?"
"Nope, just more FUD from the marketing department, as usual"
by nobody March 12, 2005
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