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To kill; to frag. Used when you are playing video games.
I corpsified 100 guys in Unreal last night!
by no one September 01, 2004

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The abrievation for Phenotype;The animal that a therian/were is conected to.
My pheno is a leopard.
by No one May 30, 2003

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unlike a savior in every aspect possible; one of crushing heartlessness.. one with potential to be beautiful, but fundamentally void of soul.
Trust in your polynesian savior, he will give you hope, but you will ultimately lose a friend.
by no one April 11, 2005

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-initially derived as a short form Of Roger
-Also the tiger off of Alladin
-BUT mostly is a guy that loves to get "jiggy" with it. can be black or white. OR a little of both. Knows what to do and when to do it.
-Hey Raga hows it goin?
-(jasmine) Hows my Raga doin today?
- Look at the guy, wow, he such a Raga
by no one March 10, 2005

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Naarg its either what u say if somethin goes rong or just as a replacement fr ne random word u cnt think of at the time
oh naarg my board is broken?? yeh thatl do
by no one August 28, 2004

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stinky twat
that bitch down the street has a vassagonia
by no one May 26, 2004

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Along with the Offspring, one of the last real punk bands cause Blink 182 isn't punk. It isn't even rock.
I'm a metalhead and still believe this.
by no one September 15, 2004

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