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The most amazing man in the world. Named as such for being the third in his family lineage ({trip}le). Not extremely tall but just right. Loving, faithful, caring, sexy, perfect in all the right ways. Ususally enjoys the effects of particular plants and is probably allergic to furry animals. Always has trouble saying what's on his mind or expressing his feelings through words. Rolls a badass blunt/joint and always has the hook-ups.
person 1: "Hey where can we find someone to smoke with?"
person 2: "How about Trip? He's the best blunt roller I know!"
person 1: "Hells yes!"

girl 1: "So what's your boyfriend's name again?"
girl 2: "Trip."
girl 1: "That's weird. Is he perfect?"
girl 2: "Oh yeah....."
by Nipsycat September 25, 2011
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of or pertaining to doing dirty things with one's bf or gf. (i.e. kissing, making out, sex)
Hey now, Stop shcanoodling in the hallway!

OMG Me and that one cute guy from english totally shcanoodled in the make out hallway!
by Nipsycat March 30, 2010
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