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Extremely good; excellent. Awesome. Antonym of railer
This pizza is ganny. This beer is gan.
by Ninjafart September 14, 2016

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When someone acts like a dick, and when wronged, likes to play like they are the victim. A victim who is a dick. You dont really feel sorry for the dicktim....if they werent a dick you might though.
Steve was being being a dick today and I called him out on it...now he's walking around acting like he's all offended that I called him out, and that I should apologize....what a dicktim.
by Ninjafart May 01, 2013

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1. The only singer Van Halen ever needed; 2. An original, integritous, flamboyant music producer, songwriter, provate jet broker, father, husband, and mentor. Known for his skills at representin'. Founder of the Los Angeles, CA based trip hop collective Space Slacker. Coined the term Hollywood Hills Style.
Diamond Dave, not only are you a handsome man, but you are very powerful as well, I could sense it from the moment you walked in the door.
by Ninjafart September 07, 2011

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Slang for "total bummer" or "TB". Something that is roundly regarded as being a bummer or something that bums you out in full.
My job is a teeb, or, that sashimi really teebed me out. Lady Gaga is a teeb.
by Ninjafart November 12, 2010

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having the audacity to be both super fly and super sweet. a combination of the words trifflin' and truffle.
LaBufanda Cherise was so trufflin' this morning in dat daisy print mini skirt when she was bringin' dat strawberry shortcake to grandma! But did you here 'bout LaQuinta Keisha eatin' the skin off her baby daddy's fried chicken? TRIFFLIN' YO!
by ninjafart June 24, 2005

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