Cherise is the best friend anyone could ask for, she likes to hangout and puts everyone before herself. She is sporty, funny, and naturally beautiful. Any guy would be crazy not to notice her. She is smart and excels in all her work. People love to be around her because she can be anyone's best friend. Give a like if you have a friend like Cherise.
Cherise is the most loving, caring and kind person that I know.
by Cheeselovers October 2, 2020
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An angel on earth. She’s just perfect inside and out. A pure soul and future milf. Cherise is a wonderful HOT girl and an amazing person. Cherise’s tend to have black hair with dark brown eyes. They have the hottest fucking bodies you will ever see. She is so sweet and very fun to be around!
Who is that hot chick, Cherise?
Cherise is such an amazing friend

I can't wait to hang out with Cherise tomorrow!
by WhiteDudeEthan November 26, 2022
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the best fucking friend anyone could ask for.. charistmatic, energetic, optomistic and has a heart of pure gold! she makes her best friends life make sense.
That Cherise, she's the bestest.
by Meggers420 February 3, 2010
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Cherise is theBest fucking friend anyone could ask for. She may wanna F* but who cares cause with that body and smile😏the boys are all usually on top of her. She can be a bitch if u turn to her the wrong way, but over all a great person.
Boy 1: Hot damn is the cherise

Boy 2: ya SHES hot af
Boy 1 & 2: faints when she comes over*
by Lover13 November 9, 2019
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The most amazing girl in the world! she'll make your day just by saying good morning. This girl is usually sought after by Michael's. She may not see it herself, but she is a very beautiful girl who catches the eye of all who pass, and she is the definition of perfect.
DUDE! look at Cherise, isn't she perfect?
by Michaellovescherise December 8, 2010
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Cherise, an innocent insecure girl whom hates they way she looks just because of what people think about her. She’s tries to be positive but can sometimes be very negative.
Cherise the only person you need in the world.
by The girl with the truth October 2, 2017
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girl with some grooves
and some hot tata's
damn, that cherise is smokin!!!!!!!!!
by 2cool2betruehooo January 1, 2008
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