18 definitions by Ninja

to hit someone with a register of cash
if you dont shut up, im going to have to cash register you
by Ninja November 22, 2003
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based off A Tale of Two Cities; verb; to switch places with someone similar looking to you so that he can live and bang the woman you love and deserve while you die by guillotine. see getting screwed
to pull a sydney carton

i heard phil pulled a sydeny carton the other day. sucks to be him.
by Ninja December 12, 2004
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christina's bear; formerly known as snowball.
We entered Crandle from the armpit. (His favorite spot to get finger-love!)
by Ninja May 15, 2004
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The area code of San Diego, CA. Also a finishing move of the WWE's Rey Mysterio.
"I represent the 619."
"Mysterio is getting ready for that 619, Tazz!"
by Ninja October 10, 2003
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