11 definitions by Nine

Inserting two fingers (usually the fore-and middle finger, but its really up to you)into an orafice of your choice and rapidly flicking them back and forth for stimulation.
Would you like a little twinkle?
by nine February 18, 2004
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punk/skin bands blah blah blah.. thats the past! NOW its used by garage rap.
london, yes.
more fire crew - Oi!
and many more.
by nine February 21, 2004
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Wiping your finger on your sweaty ass/balls/vagine/underarm and then wiping it under an unknowing persons nose.
He was just standing in the line at the bank and I gave him a skitz.
by nine February 18, 2004
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the kid who aint cut
by nine September 28, 2003
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