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NateDaPlayer is a Roblox Exploiter with over 1k Subscribers and almost at 2k Subscribers, He Love to Cuddle with Blankets and thinks about a female fan of his and cuddles the blanket like if the female was actually there
NateDaPlayer is a good Youtuber.
by Nikold December 04, 2020
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A very very hot man. He's one of the best lua learner and programmer. He works for people and gets paid atleast 400 bobux. He's a very cool person ,if you meet him randomly he'll surely make you laugh and cum.
Gk36 popular zomg!11!1!1!
by Nikold January 06, 2021
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IF YOU EVER MEET VI IN YOUR LIFE YOU'LL NEVER BE SAD AGAIN. If you have a vi in your life, you're so lucky. Vi is a extremely nice woman, will always give a fuck about you and be loyal. You'll love vi so much. She will always be here for you
by Nikold November 18, 2020
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