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A term commonly used to describe really generic anime with shiny hair and eyes. Usually a digital drawing in which the artist overuses the dodge tool (a tool in Adobe Photoshop that brightens colors). The term started springing up with the arrival of Amuria on deviantart.com, whose style is known for being overly shiny.
"Hey, like my Sailor Moon drawing? I wanted to make her reeeeally pretty, so I used the dodge tool to make lots of sparkles and give her shiny eyes."

"Uh, a little too shiny desu for me. It's hurting my eyes. Ease up on the dodge tool next time."
by Nikki0417 February 13, 2010
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When the victim of an event is blamed, or partially blamed, for their own attack. Mainly used in context with rape, domestic abuse, sexual harassment and sexual assault, but can be applied to other situations. It wrongly shifts blame from the guilty party onto the victim, and therefore doesn't (or makes it more difficult to) punish the one truly at fault. The term was popularized by the SlutWalk movement, which started after a Canadian police officer advised female students to "avoid dressing like sluts" in order to avoid being victimized.
Person#1: "I know being raped is bad and all, but she was flirting with him the whole night, and wearing that low-cut shirt. What'd she expect?"

Person#2: "Dude, sex has NOTHING to do with rape. It's all about power. And even if it did, flirting and wearing a low-cut top doesn't mean she was asking to be attacked like that. So, why don't you quit the victim shaming and admit what that guy did was wrong."
by Nikki0417 December 15, 2011
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A phrase used to when one wants something badly, usually something that seems strange or completely random. It's normally used when someone is either 1.) too excited about the item to explain why they want it or 2.) doesn't WANT to explain why they want it. The phrase is taken from the "Pardon Me" strip in the webcomic "Three Word Phrase."
Pardon me, Sir. Do you have anything that will make a butt extremely slippery? I want the slipperiest butt imaginable. The most slippery butt you can have is the kind of butt I want.

....I want this because of reasons.


"Necomimi is the latest product from Neurowear. These fashionable cat ears use brain sensory to move according to your emotions..."

Someone put this on my Christmas list. I WANT THESE BECAUSE OF REASONS!!
by Nikki0417 December 15, 2011
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