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1) A bag for shit.
2) A person who resembles such a bag.
I can't believe that guy just stole that dude's wife's favorite pet's chew toy! What a deucebag!
by Nick Pie February 13, 2008

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To make something up as you go along (typically a long, convoluted story).
Dude, I totally deathtrouted my essay and came out with a B+.

She totally bought my deathtrout.

Stop deathtrouting!
by Nick Pie April 06, 2004

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Action word a la oldschool Batman.
Bap! Smack! Pow!
by Nick Pie February 24, 2004

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A punch in the face.
Also a phrase used to imply that someone's about to get a punch in the face.
Dude... Bone taco man...
by Nick Pie February 26, 2004

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A Japanese-style toilet, over which you squat. Builds your quads!
Whaaaaaat? They only have squatters here? What if I miss?
by Nick Pie February 24, 2004

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